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Questo è quello che dice Tamron di questo obiettivo: "This lens employs an IF (Internal Focusing) system that maintains the overall length of the lens during focusing. Uses two LD (Low Dispersion) glass elements that effectively compensate for chromatic aberration. Provides high-contrast, outstanding image quality and a soft out-of-focus background effect. Incorporates an AF/MF one touch switchover mechanism built into the focus ring (for Canon & Nikon only). Super performance series provides high performance through outstanding design specifications." (dal sito Tamron)

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Obiettivo Tamron della famiglia dei MACRO e come sempre dal nome lunghissimo!

Il nome completo dell'obiettivo è Tamron SP AF180mm F/3.5 Di LD (IF) 1:1 Macro.

Ricordate che la sigla Di vuol dire Digitally Integrated Lenses for Top Imaging Performance, ovvero sono lenti che sono state ottimizzate per le reflex digitali sia full.frame che con sensore APS-C.
Vediamo nei test come si comporta (i test sono stati fatti sui modelli per Canon).

Le caratteristiche/specifiche principali sono:
Lens Construction (Groups/Elements)     11/14
Angle of View     14°
Diaphragm Blade Number     7
Minimum Focus Distance     0.47m (18.5")
Macro Magnification Ratio     1:1
Filter Diameter     72
Weight     920g
Diameter x Length     84.8mm x 165.7mm
Accessory     Lens hood & Case
Mount     Canon - Nikon - Sony




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Le conclusioni del test sono le seguenti (cito dal sito): "The Tamron AF 180mm f/3.5 SP Di LD [IF] macro offers a near-flawless performance. Optically it doesn't leave anything to be desired - the resolution is very good to excellent from f/3.5 all the way down to f/16 and vignetting, CAs and distortions are non-issues in field conditions. The bokeh (out-of-focus blur), a primary aspect in macro photography, is very smooth and buttery. The build quality of the Tamron is very good but there is one bug - the lens has no focus limiter and the rather slow AF combined with AF hunting can be a frequent and rather tiresome experience. Thanks to a focus clutch mechanism you can switch between AF and MF as easy as pushing/pulling the focus ring so if necessary you should give the AF a better hint by manual pre-focusing. Other than that it is a really impressive lens."

Optical Quality: 4/4

Mechanical Quality: 3/4

Price/Performance: 4/5


Ottimo obiettivo dai test esce fuori che dal punto di vista ottico è ottimo qualche problema a livello di messa a fuoco per la mancanza del limitatore.
Prezzo web medio al 07/2010: 670EUR.

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